Photo of Vincent Bijlo, Cathelijne Denekamp and Minister Connie Helder during symposium Rijksmuseum Unlimited

Location: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

During the opening of Accessibility Week, we attended the Rijksmuseum's accessibility conference in Amsterdam on Monday, October 3, 2022. With an attendance of over 250 people, there was great interest in the eZwayZ workshop, which offered the opportunity to independently navigate through the museum using the eZwayZ app.

Minister and Vincent
This day was hosted upon an extraordinary fashion by Vincent Bijlo. Minister Connie Helder was present as well and highlighted the importance of accessibility in general to drive initiatives. We would like to thank the Rijksmuseum and Cathelijne Denekamp in particular for organizing this unforgettable day. 

We received many enthusiastic responses about our workshop and made great contacts with museums and government agencies.  

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