Indoor navigation makes buildings accessible

Finding your way around a hospital, train station or shopping mall, for example, is quite a challenge for many visually impaired people. The same is sometimes true for sighted people. So make your own business location, city hall or healthcare facility accessible with eZwayZ.
Existing navigational aids in buildings such as signage do not provide a solution for many people. And no matter how well-intentioned, most people don't want to be taken by the hand or depend on an attendant. That's why there is now the eZwayZ app. An innovative form of signage that helps anyone with a (visual) challenge to navigate complex buildings safely, efficiently and independently.
Indoor navigation

Particularly for complex public buildings

Our goal is to make complex public buildings accessible to all. Current facilities here are often inadequate, and complex buildings cause stress and frustration for visitors. Hospitals, bus and train stations, town halls and educational institutions are particularly high on the wish list.
Also make your own business location or institution accessible with eZwayZ. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the municipality of Arnhem are already collaborating on the development of this app. Bartiméus is looking for more companies and organizations to join. Request more information without obligation.

Why choose eZwayZ?

  • Make your building accessible to everyone. Visitors with (visual) challenges can find their way independently.
  • Helps your company take a step towards being an inclusive employer.
  • Contributes to a welcoming and positive visitor experience.
  • With eZwayZ, less individual guidance and assistance is needed
  • Enables people with disabilities to fully participate in society, as expressed in the UN Convention.

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to apply: no hardware or installation REQUIRED.
  • Requires no changes to the building or fixtures.
  • Insensitive to vandalism (consider application at stations).
  • Simple setup and management cloud.
  • Easy to expand or adapt in case of renovation.
  • Can be linked to other systems.
  • Can (if present) support tactile guide lines.
  • The 3D scan can also be used for other purposes, such as virtual tours, building management, scan 2 BIM, renovation and maintenance.

How will a building be implemented in the app?

When you want to implement eZwayZ in your building, we first make a scan from multiple positions in the room using a 3D scanner. In this way, the building is visualized in a three-dimensional cloud of digital measurement points: a "point" cloud. The results are stored digitally and processed into a 3D model. Is a 3D scan of the building already available? If so, we may be able to use it. In the management module, destinations (also called Points of Interests, POIs) are then added to the 3D model. These can be restrooms, elevators or beverage dispensers, but also information desks, meeting rooms and waiting areas. We also identify obstacles in the building, such as thresholds and stairs. As the owner of the building, you get access to the app's management module.

Make an appointment immediately for an introductory meeting or demonstration. There are costs associated with the implementation of eZwayZ for participating companies/organizations. These are one-time start-up costs (for the scan of the building). In addition, annual license fees are charged. Use of the app is free for the end user.


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