How does the app work?

Users of eZwayZ can easily locate and navigate themself within an unfamiliar building. The app does not use GPS, but works with visual positioning using the smartphone's camera and sensors. The application guides users from the starting point to their desired destination with clear instructions. In order to use eZwayZ, the building and its surroundings must be digitally mapped beforehand using a unique mobile 3D scanner.

How can I install eZwayZ?

The app is only currently available through the Apple store and can be downloaded from this page. For detailed information about installing and using the eZwayZ app, consult our manual.

In which locations is the app already in use?

The app is now available at a limited number of locations such as Arnhem Station, Atrium Bartimeus in Zeist, Mediamuseum Sound & Vision in Hilversum, NEMO Science Museum and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Is wifi required to use the app?

The app needs an active Internet connection to determine the user's position and orientation.

Will the app also be available for android?

We are developing eZwayZ initially for iOS because virtually all visually impaired people now have an iOS smartphone because of the accessible VoiceOver. Once the first iOS version is ready, we plan to develop an Android version based on it so that the app can be used more widely.