Picture of new features

Saving an important destination as a favourite

Do you have a specific destination or space in a building that's important to you? From now on, it is possible to save destinations as your favourite. Preparing your favorites from home or while traveling, allowing you to click on the favorite destination as soon as you walk into the building.

Submit your feedback and experiences

Would you like to share your user experiences or do you have a question or comment for us? This can quickly and easily be done with the new feedback form. This option can be found within the settings preferences. You can share feedback completely anonymously or by mentioning your name and email address (when you would like to receive a response from us).

Easier localization

A new way of "localization" has been implemented that makes it faster and easier to orient yourself within the building.

In the old way of working, the app took separate pictures of the environment from where you were standing. This was done based on instructions you were given, such as "point the phone forward" or "point the phone to the right". This process often produced unusable photos, for example; an image of a white wall with no landmarks. Therefore it was difficult for the app to recognize your position.

With the new localization process, all you have to do is slowly move the phone back and forth (by holding the phone in front of you). Photos are taken automatically while running the app. The app also supports you with holding your phone in the correct position. This new process has been successfully tested and has now been implemented in the new version of the app.